The fresh scent of a Taga spring is starting to fill the air!

Adi Shemer - CEO
Letter From the CEO

The fresh scent of a Taga spring is starting to fill the air!

Dear Taga Customers,

After a long and cold winter season, the skies are finally starting to clear and the fresh scent of spring is starting to fill the air.
This is the perfect time to start enjoying the outdoors with our loved ones, and what better way to do it than with our beloved Taga bikes 🙂
Here at TR Bikes, we are in full motion – building our company and brand both inside and out. Our website is functioning and in full swing 24/7,  with entries, orders and inquiries, and already in our first month since our launch, tens of thousands of entries!
In addition, we have expanded our customer support and marketing team to ensure that we can provide excellent service to our customers, and have settled into warehouses around the globe and organized our delivery and shipping system so that we can track our orders and ensure that our customers receive their shipment.
We are also very happy and excited to announce that our Taga 2.0 Electric model has reached the US, and will be available for purchase starting this weekend! Customers who have previously requested this model have been contacted and updated that it is now available for purchase.
Lastly, a shipment of accessories has arrived which will now be available and allow our customers to enjoy the ultimate shopping experience on our website, and during this month we are planning on bringing in a supply of our Luxury seat padding for our Taga 2.0 models and many other surprises.
Wishing you all a joyful spring season with many great rides!
Taga Team


Every day is an adventure, and every moment is a memory in the making.
Relish the moment with Taga, create the memories, and be inspired to experience the world in a whole new way!

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