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Why Taga
Ride with Confidence
Design & Awards

Four reasons why Taga delivers a stable, carefree ride.

1. Confidence starts with Taga’s 3-wheeled structure.

With three wheels, you don’t have to take your feet off the pedals when you’re at a stop. You hardly even have to be pedaling to turn. And taking your child off Taga or putting them on is nice and easy because it sits in place like a tripod.

Taga helps you pedal through life’s bumps and unexpected turns with three wheels on the ground—and a smile on your faces. Always remember to ride carefully and slow down before turning because you and your child’s safety is your responsibility. For more details and safe riding tips see FAQ section under “How does Taga handle in riding mode compared to a regular bicycle?”.

2. We put your child’s security first and foremost.

We’re family people, too. We know the lengths you go to in order to ensure your child is protected. We’re the same way. That’s why our primary focus was designing Taga to be safe for your child—starting with the way Taga positions your child right between the handlebars where you can see them. They feel close and protected. When you’re using a bike trailer or a child bike seat, you have to turn around to see your passenger. But with Taga, you can watch your child, talk to them along the way and make sure they’re happy without looking back. Bike trailers make it hard to judge your turning radius, too. But with Taga, turning is intuitive and therefore safer.

Every single aspect of Taga is designed to safeguard your little one. They are well protected on all sides by the handlebars as well as the head cushion, 5-point harness and reinforced front bar and footrest. And the chain guard is fully sealed to prevent anything from ever getting caught.

Taga’s braking system ensures you’ll only be moved when you want to. Its easy-to-operate parking brake keeps Taga firmly in place. And the advanced disk brakes on the front wheels and Shimano roller brake on the rear wheel give you super control while riding.

Lastly, you can relax and ride with confidence even with the weight of two child passengers because the frame is made of extra-thick aluminum alloy tubes that are more rigid than a standard bike’s.

3. You don’t have to know how to ride a bike to ride Taga.

The truth is, a lot of moms (and dads, too) are intimidated to ride a bicycle with their child. It’s no wonder. Riding a standard bike with a child bike seat or pulling a bike trailer with your kids requires you to balance on 2 wheels. But Taga’s 3-wheeled design makes it easier to adjust to pedaling and steering and all the rest.

That’s why you can learn to ride Taga quickly. And most importantly, you can feel confident enough to take your child on it. Make sure you know the basics of how to handle Taga before you ride it for the first time. For more details and safe riding tips see our FAQ section under “How does Taga handle in riding mode compared to a regular bicycle?”.

4. Meet the only product in the world that complies with both stroller and bicycle standards.

Taga underwent rigorous testing in an accredited European, U.S. and Australian labs. We went over-and-above out of obligation to the families and children we love. As a result, Taga is certified with the following safety standards:

  • EN1888:2003 - European stroller standard
  • EN14764 – European city bicycle standard
  • ASTM F833 – USA stroller standard
  • AS/NZS 2088:2000 – Australia/New Zealand stroller standard
  • 16 CFR 1303 – USA SPSC - ban of lead containing paint
  • EN71 part 2+3 - European flammability and toxicity standard
  • EN14184 - European formaldehyde standard
  • BS5852 - UK flammability standard



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