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Read comments and tales of adventure from Taga riders around the world as they share it with others on our facebook page. It's one of the best ways to visualize how Taga could enhance your life and add an element of fun to your family. Take a look and feel free to come back and add your story once you're onboard with Taga.
Cece Hekman
New York, NY, USA
This bike has exceeding our expectations by a long run! We are in love and it brings so much laughter and good times in our family!
Monika Moni
Many greetings from Germany :)
Me and my son Fredrik luv ur bike!
Christine Mooneyhan
Barcelona, Spain
Sharing our Summer 2015 memories with Little Solar and Taga Bike! Love from Barcelona.
Orange Ng Chiew Hua
We use our Taga to bring our 2 kids to tour around the Marina Bay Area in Singapore! They love it a lot and so do we! Really an awesome machine!
Amy Eberle
North Dakota, USA
A beautiful Sunday morning ride on my TAGA with my 3 month old girl! Having a new baby and not being able to ride bike was killing me! Within minutes of first seeing the TAGA I was typing in my credit card numbers and anxiously awaiting delivery!
Worth every penny! Love my TAGA!
Kelly Marie
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Hitting the streets of LA...
Juan Farias
New York, NY, USA
My [wife's] Taga bahaved excellent, exceeding my own expectations!  Carolina really enjoyed the 5-hour ride and we certainly were the TOP attraction of the ride!
Joyce Watts
Melbourne, Australia
Tried out the @tagabikes #cargobike double bamboo seater #bike today and kids LOVED it, giggling and talking and eating all the way to the park. Great exercise for me too!
Rachel Kleinberg
East Hampton, New York, USA
We LOVE our Taga! Here we are on a beautiful Independence Day ride along the water. We started riding in June and have logged over 150 miles already. Taga is so much fun!
Mollie SG
Virginia, USA
For my first Mother's Day all I wanted to do was ride a bike with my son. I had always dreamed of owning a taga. A few weeks before Mothers day, my husband took us all out and we rented a taga and cruised the strand in Santa Monica. My heart was set. I told my husband I would explode if I did not get a taga of my own. On Mother's day this photo was in my Mothers Day Card letting me know my very own taga was coming soon and not to "explode". My taga arrived today and I had a "blast" riding it with my son. I LOVE MY TAGA!
MaryAnne Kochenderfer
Stanford, CA, USA
I adore anything that makes it easier to get out and about with babies and small children. The bike-to-stroller convertible wonder Taga is a piece of engineering brilliance that does exactly that!
Rutger Knook
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Lots of fun last weekend. First time together in the wooden double seat.
Thomas Berntson
Kassel, Germany
Put in a good solid 60 KM on the Tagas in the last two days around Berlin, and loving it! We have twin 1-year-olds and a 2-year-old, and we don't need a car at all, we just use the Tagas...Works like a charm, and it's faster and less stressful than navigating rush-hour traffic in a car. Thanks Taga!
Cindy Binkerhoff Chronowski
Maryland, USA
Our evening routine includes a bike ride on our taga bike! We LOVE it!
Pooja Sharma Krishnan
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Riding through the tulip fields in the Netherlands was beautiful. Taga makes it a wonderful experience for both of us!
Libuse Rosso
Miami, FL, USA
The best thing I ever got is my New Taga!!! I Love it, my baby girl loves it and it's a huge head turner!!!!!!
Gary Liu
Hsinchu, Taiwan
Our Taga bike, first time riding in the Open Bike Active in Taiwan 
Nancy van Heijningen
Roosendaal, Netherlands
Andy in Holland
Karelyn Keller Pickering
Georgia, USA
For those of you who want to test drive... trust me, this product delivers! I got one for Mother's Day and it is the BEST gift I've ever gotten. I love it, my son loves it, and everyone that sees it loves it. It is a great investment and well worth the price. And when your kids are too big for it, you can get a basket.....and still enjoy!
Heather Kuh
Michigan, USA
We're having a cool summer with our #Taga bike! Just took it on vacation where we biked the Toronto Islands!
Judit Garai
Budapest, Hungary
Greetings from Budapest!
Tan Jia Hui
Angela Van Tijn
In general I love my Taga. It allows me to get in shape and exercise while hanging out with my child and enjoying the beautiful weather (perfect for the spring and summer!) and I LOVE that it grows with my family.
Christina Saczek
Dallas, TX, USA
Same bike, same outfit... Picture taken 3 years apart, when my kids were the exact same age-to the day! I love my Taga! This is in Dallas TX, btw. 2010 on the left and 2013 on the right... Noa is on the left and Lia is on the right... Both were 8 months old in the photos.
Glaiza and David Dwulat
Esther Rohrbeck
Michigan, USA
Just wanted to share how excited we both are to have this ride!!
Tom Beaulieu
Bath, ME, USA
To everyone: they're worth every penny...the Taga has been brilliant to us and has got many, many miles on it, not to mention turned several heads 
Trevor Russell
San Jose, CA, USA
Here is a setup so that my oldest can help pedal...It is very stable on the Taga. I also use the trailer bike on a standard road bike and it is much trickier since you have to make sure you don't tip. On the Taga I don't worry about it tipping. 
Magdalena Sti-Wi
Me & taga. Together since 2010 :) now with two babies! :) 
Mindy Schaper
Memphis TN, USA
(posted on
Extremely Useful and Incredibly Creative

I've been using this bike for an hour a day about four days a week for a few months now. This bike is amazing. It is SUCH an amazing invention for people like me, who don't have a car because of the environment and also because of the price and upkeep.

I use this bike to get my kids to their babysitter (after which I take a regular bike to college), and it so useful.

The steering is different than a regular bike. It took me about a day to get used to it. Listen to the instructions and DON'T ride it for the first time with your kids in it! The bike is pretty sensitive to turns, and when you ride on a slope, the bike will turn in the direction of the slope, so when you're riding past a sloping driveway, you have to keep your handles straight.

Anyway. This bike was not difficult for even the technically-challenged me to assemble, and it is VERY STURDY. I feel very secure biking with this. It is also surprisingly smooth and fast for something so big and heavy. It's not the lightest thing in the world to bike, but it really is very smooth and not as heavy as you would think it is based on appearance.

The rain covers are great. I have two seats, and both my kids are covered with the regular rain hood and the special hood for the second child seat.

The basket is nice (and the heaviest part of the bike- used to balance). I use it to store my groceries when I stop by the store on my way home- it can hold about half to three quarters of a hand-basket (with my two rain covers inside as well).

The bike is really easy to switch. I hardly every do it because I have other strollers, and this is pretty heavy for a stroller, and also doesn't turn well in stroller mode (but great in bike mode). I just keep it in bike mode in stores, and everyone exclaims over it. Lots of attention.

It comes apart easily to go into a car.

The seats of very comfortable for the kids, with good harness straps. I do wish they had a sort of strap across the chest for both seats like they have in car seats. I would feel more secure with those.

I have two seats, and the second one looks very small, but apparently can fit older children. Mine is currently eight months.

I also wish that the straps were able to be longer, especially on the first seat. It's very hard to buckle the straps on my two year old when she is wearing her bulky winter coat, and I want to use this when she is older and bigger too.

The Kenda tires it comes with don't hold up so well for me- I have had to buy new tires/tubes a few times, but I also go over lots of glass and sidewalk cracks, unfortunately.

All in all, this is really an AMAZING product. The concept is fantastic and it really is flexible, quick, safe, and so so useful. I LOVE the Taga bike.
Juan Alberto Farias Estuardo
New York, NY, USA
Trying out my Mother's Day gift with Carolina at Central Park--I loved it!! And I will need the second seat very soon!
Roxane Ringuet
Quebec, Canada
Just want to share with you our joy of having our Taga Bike. This is Jasmine who has Rett syndrome and can't walk. She enjoys the ride and gives all the family the liberty that we love
Melbourne, Australia
Is it a #cargobike ? Is it a #trike ? It's a @Tagabikes
Edyta Gniewkiewicz
Warszawa, Poland
Jessica Wineberg Binder
Milwaukee, WI, USA
We recently purchased a Taga and already adore it! My son and I are driving on it even food store and wherever they can! I would like to continue to observe the rule of the three-mile zone: no cars, only move Tag, if the distance between the point and purpose of our house is 3 miles or less. 
Yule Besory
New York, NY, USA
Nesquik Bunny couldn't resist our Taga!
Maria Paz Brenes-Manibog
San Marino, CA, USA
I love my Taga! I bike my daughter to school in San Marino CA and my bike is a conversation starter with the other Moms- they want one!
Virginie Poignet
Paris, France
Paris en Taga
Shannon ODonnell Gross
Chicago, IL, USA
On Saturday April 12 we got to take our Taga out for spin. It was our first ride this year. We live in downtown Chicago and it's a very bike friendly city. This will be our 3rd season with it and our son just loves it.
Anna Sebestyen‎
Budapest, Hungary
 It is a brilliant bike! Seems a huge investment, but if you are a mom biker, it is worth every penny / cent. My daughter is just growing out of her seat, and learning how to bike. 
Mieke Cools
Lede, Belgium
Today i drove for the first time with the maxi cosi placed at the TAGA. It was really easy... Tyan slept after 5 min and kept on sleeping when I came home. Before with my normal buggy he always awake when i came home....This is the best product ever invented, thank you TAGA
Malinda Oswalt Hostetter
Iowa, USA
Recently purchased a Taga for my special needs daughter. 
Katarina Belak
I am tall (182 cm) - we have also second seat and no problems with riding.
Barbara Vanderstraeten
Drongen, Belgium
Our Taga arrived today as well! Many, many thanks to Jeroen for delivering it at our doorstep, ready to use right away! I went to pick up my oldest son at the crèche this evening with it... he LOVED it! And what a great work-out for mom!
PhotoVideo Spain
Malaga, Spain
Aiza Dulay
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Riding our Taga in Downtown Los Angeles at a 5k family friendly marathon. Everybody loved our Taga. 
Leslie Stranathan
Windsor, CO, USA
Chillin in her Taga - Colorado Taga Girl 
Sasha Joe
Mother's day fun! BTW the taga does surprisingly well with light to moderate off road. — at Odiorne Point State Park: the seacoast in Rye near Portsmouth NH
Lisa Sorenson
Kennewick, WA, USA
Lis Jørgensen‎
So Happy :-) 
Finally with a wooden seat
William and Valdemar are so happy :-)
Now, there is Space!!
Thanks Taga
Sarah Trefzger
Bloomington, IL, USA
Natalya Murillo
Jacksonville, NC, USA
Eniko Frederick Hardi
New York
He isn't alone...we also love our Taga bike!
Ewa Leszczuk
Krakow, Poland
 Taking advantage of the Shrove Tuesday weather!
Angie Anderson
Leroy, IL, USA
My grandson, being entertained with our Taga, as his Momma got ready for a big day <3
Michelle Hines
Cypress, TX, USA
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