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Our Commitment

You see a bicycle, we see a cause.

You don't achieve a vehicle like Taga by chance. You have to be driven by a higher purpose. In developing Taga, we actually had two: bringing families together and bettering the environment.

Our commitment to these ideals made Taga what it is today. We believe in what we're doing. We understand the positive contribution that bikes make to the community. Fitness, zero emissions, and quality of life-they're all brought to you compliments of bicycles. We believe it, and our devotion to these beliefs is demonstrated by Taga. It's the vehicle that enables parents to easily choose the bike instead of the car-in fact, it makes them look forward to it.

You might have trouble believing it until the moment you hop on Taga and go for a spin with your little one. One ride and you're hooked; you'll be looking for every occasion to leave that old gas-burner in the garage and take to the streets on your Taga.

From the beginning, we set out to create a great experience for parents and their children. To us, family is everything, and in Taga, we've created an activity that deepens the bond you have with your child. Riding it is a priceless experience. The fun times you have on Taga will create moments you'll remember forever.

We're genuinely humbled by the thought that our products somehow contribute to the quality time you spend with your children. It inspires us to make your Taga ride the best possible experience for you. And it drives us in our goals to make Taga a safe, reliable vehicle that you can ride with confidence and that adds convenience to your life.

As parents ourselves, we share a special kinship with mothers and fathers. We know what you're going through. That's why we want to make it easy on you while adding a degree of cool back to your life.
As a company, we're exceptionally committed to families and the environment we share. But we realize that saying it is one thing, and demonstrating it is another thing altogether. The proof of our commitment can be found in the many awards Taga has received. It's right there in writing in our peace-of-mind warranty that makes everything all right. And it can be found in our family-style support that's there for you when you need it. That's commitment for you. Taga-style.

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