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We traveled around the world to find a way to families' hearts.

Everywhere we go with Taga, it's the same. People's faces instantly light up when they see it. And no one who's tried it can ride it without grinning from ear to ear.

The universal appeal is uncanny, but not surprising. Taga was born global. It was created by an international team with expertise in a wide range of fields. What all the members of our team had in common was parenthood, passion for bicycles, and a desire for a product like this in their own lives.

Perhaps Taga's biggest influence was the Dutch bakfiets (meaning "box-bike" or "cargo bike"). Cycling is a big part of Dutch culture and cargo or cargo bikes, three-wheeled vehicles with wooden boxes in the front, are very popular as a way to travel with kids. The idea behind Taga was to take the cargo bike concept one step further and adapt it for the rest of the world.

Once we had the idea, our international team conducted research among families and retailers in several countries around the world. That's how Taga became the people's bike. People everywhere recognized the brilliance of a vehicle that had all the features of a bike and a stroller. They all saw Taga as an eco-friendly alternative to city and suburban driving, especially if they could take it on a train or a bus. And they liked the idea of a bonding experience that was safe, easy and fun.

Developing the Taga concept was the perfect challenge for our team of world-class designers, engineers and manufacturers. Their collective expertise in stroller and bicycle design, fashion, textiles, and medical devices is clear in the details of the final product.

The path there took four years. It was a journey defined by passion and precision at every step. Care went into every detail and function and gave Taga a sense of style, an intuitive functionality that just feels right, and a sense of flow and ease that parents appreciate.

How Taga got to where it is today defines the very essence of this vehicle. It's the source of Taga's unique spirit that inspires parents and children to find their own unique path as they venture out into the world together.


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