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Why Taga
Ride with Confidence
Design & Awards

Taga has been honored by a surprising array of authorities.

  • 2009 Red Dot Award for Product Design in the Sport Category – Red Dot is widely recognized as the world's most prestigious design award.
  • 2008 Kind + Jugend Innovation Award – Kind + Jugend is widely accepted as the world's most important trade show for baby products.
  • 2008 Eurobike and iF Magazine Award in City Bikes Category. Eurobike is seen as the world's premier bike trade show. iF Magazine is Europe's leading design magazine.
  • Recognized by US-based I.D. Magazine in its “New and Notable 2008” feature as being one of 2008's smartest products.

Our extraordinary design began with an exceptional concept.

Like most great designs, the idea behind Taga is simple. We've combined two major trends in one—premium strollers and child cargo bikes—to provide parents and kids the best of both worlds. Achieving our ideal wasn't that easy, though. Our goals were lofty in the extreme, and our standards were uncompromising throughout our 4-year process.

Our team transformed enormous challenges into achievements.

  • Taga balances a smooth, safe bike ride with easy-to-use stroller features. We gave Taga perfect geometry, as well as a clean look in both stroller and bike modes.
  • We created a high-end stroller that's also a sturdy, fully functional bicycle – creative thinking was required to combine desirable stroller features like anodized aluminum and advanced fabrics with state-of-the-art bike technology like disk brakes and high-end gears.
  • Taga has no-excuses appeal as stroller by itself – Style points aside, one of our biggest challenges was cleverly concealing the pedals under the child seat in stroller mode.
  • Taga brings your child close to you – We split the handlebars, so the child can be within arm's reach.
  • We created a product that will be a true alternative to a car – That means it's designed to reach every destination and fits into subways and trains without forcing you to leave any parts behind.
  • We achieved 20-second conversion between stroller and bike modes – In the end, our team got it down to 4 easy steps.
  • Taga has total modularity as stroller and a bike – Taga accommodates a wide range of accessories in both modes thanks to a smart and easy to use universal adapter.
  • Our design complies with the strictest safety standards for strollers and bicycles – It's possible that no bicycle in history has been designed to meet a more rigorous set of safety standards.

Taga meets the approval of the strictest judges of all—parents like you.

Families and the environment were foremost in our minds at every stage. If riding Taga's seems like an amazingly natural and easygoing experience for you, believe us, it was by design.

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