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"On Gi Gadget, the video of Taga Bike stroller has 72 million views"
"With a handful of optional add-ons, such as a sun hood, canopy, infant and child seats, water gun attachment, and more, the Taga 2.0 will have you closer than ever to your family as you get up and go."
"The revolutionary new travel system is set to be this year's 'must have' yummy mummy accessory"
"The single most annoying thing about Taga is that it makes you pinch yourself and think: "Now why didn't I think of that"
"We could not have attracted more stares or caused more of a commotion had we been cartwheeling naked"
"Taga offers an extremely smooth and safe ride"
"A feat of engineering genius that converts from child- toting tricycle to stroller in 20 seconds flat"
"Kelly Rutherford and Hermes wheel around"
"Mother-of-two model Laura Bailey proved that you can cycle in platform wedges as she launched the new TAGA bicycle pram"
"so, i have to admit - i"ve already cleared out a space in my garage, to park my new taga..."
"I want this bike SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much, I can taste it! So once I can get it (plus all of its attachments), let"s meet up! I can see a Taga Revolution happening all across America!"
"Looking for a future-proof investment? Then look no further than the world of bicycle-based innovation and brainstorm ways to replace four wheels with two"
"This is a product that just had to happen, and now that it has, it's love at first sight for me"
"The Taga is an impressive bit of kit. It did attract masses of positive attention even during our brief ride, and the versatility on offer, and smart appearance, do seem to be very attractive even for non-cyclists"
"The bike can be - when in pushchair mode - taken into the shops, on buses, in subway and lifts without having to leave anything outside, and without being considered as a bicycle"
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